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Moist Heat

Thermalon Stye Compress - Moist Heat

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THERMALON Stye Compress
A natural, proven way to relieve pain and speed the healing process.

- Microwave Activated Moist Heat
- Speeds Healing
- Reduces Irritation

THERMALON Stye Compress is a natural, proven way to relieve pain and speed the healing process. An application of moist heat is a doctor recommended method for treating painful styes. Apply the THERMALON Stye compress several times a day, the deeply penetrating moist heat helps to draw out the stye while providing temporary relief from burning and irritation.

The Compress is washable and reusable, drug-free, easy-to-use and non-allergenic.

SIZE: 3-1/2" x 4", elastic strap
SKU: 24352

Relieving Painful Styes and speeding the healing process

For Moist Heat: Place product on a microwave safe plate in the microwave. Heat for 15 seconds. Do not exceed 30 seconds. To reheat a previously heated product reduce the heating time by half.

For Soothing Cold: Place in the freezer for 2 hours.

CARE: ThermalOn products are hand washable. They may be immersed in water without damaging the product. Simply wash in cold water and a mild detergent as you would a sweater or other hand washable item. Air dry.

Complete care & use instructions are available in the product package.
★★★★★ Very simple, straight forward, heats up in 15 sec and last a long time. Great quality!
★★★★ My son can have his hands free while heating his eye. That has been liberating for him.
★★★★ Soothing!

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