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Thermalon Pain Relief Spray - Heat Activated

Moist Heat

Thermalon Pain Relief Spray - Heat Activated

Price : $12.99

Thermalon Pain Relief Spray with Continuous Spray Applicator

Thermalon Pain Relief Spray now comes in a new continuous spray bottle. This all-natural topical analgesic delivers temporary pain relief when activated with heat. Unlike counter-irritants that mask pain, This unique formula of herbal extracts helps to relieve pain directly at its source.

The 360 degree continuous spray applicator provides a smooth, even coverage at any angle. No rubbing or greasy mess. All-natural THERMALON Pain Relief Spray is odorless, non-staining and comes in an easy to use spray applicator. It has natural moisturizers and conditioners added to help keep skin soft and healthy.

With THERMALON Pain Relief spray there is no waiting for pills or all-day patches, no irritating ointments or creams, no offensive odors or mess... simply fast acting relief whenever pain strikes.

SIZE: 4 fl. oz. - Approx. 45 applications.
SKU: 46011

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