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Moist Heat

Thermalon Moist Heat Neck Wrap

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Thermalon Moist Heat Neck Wrap
Neck, Shoulder 

Thermalon's Moist Heat Neck Wrap is designed to comfortably drape around the neck and between the shoulders to reach the lower neck muscles. It helps prevent and treat pain, tension, and stress.

Convenient ties keep wrap secure. You can wear the moist heat neck wrap while relaxing or while doing daily activities. This versatile style can apply moist heat therapy on shoulder, hips, back and abdomen.

Freeze for soothing cold therapy.

SIZE: 21" plus ties
SKU: 24322

Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Aching Muscles, Arthritis, Tension & Stress

For Moist Heat: Place product on a microwave safe plate in the microwave. Heat for 1-1/2 minutes. Do not exceed 2-1/2 minutes. To reheat a previously heated product reduce the heating time by half.

For Soothing Cold: Place in the freezer for 2 hours.

CARE: ThermalOn products are hand washable. They may be immersed in water without damaging the product. Simply wash in cold water and a mild detergent as you would a sweater or other hand washable item. Air dry.

Thermalon products are some of hhe safest and most effective on the market today. The patent-pending beads inside Thermalon are designed to absorb water molecules from the air to deliver deep-penetrating moist heat when microwaved. They will not support bacteria or fungi like grain or herbal products and are safer and easier to use then gel products.

Thermalon products are designed to be activated in the microwave. Do NOT heat using any other method. Follow specific heating instructions given for each item.

After microwaving, you may place the wrap directly on the affected area. To receive the most ideal therapeutic treatment, leave the product on for no longer than 30 minutes. You may reapply after 2 hours.

Thermalon products are washable and reusable. With proper care they will provide years of relief.
Janice, California
Just a quick email to let you know that the neck pad arrived today. I heated it up and am using the moist heat right this minute. Woke up with a migraine, and now I'm already getting relief. Wow, you guys are GREAT!
Joyce L., California
Thank you for a WONDERFUL product. Sorry I didn't find it sooner.

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