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Moist Heat

Thermalon Moist Heat Back Wrap

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Thermalon Moist Heat Back Wrap
Back, Hip and Shoulder 

THERMALON Moist Heat Back Wrap is specially designed to allow freedom of movement during treatment. This versatile wrap ties, like a robe belt, for easy application of moist heat therapy.

Can also be worn to relieve hip pain or abdominal cramps.

Freeze for soothing cold therapy.

SIZE: 7" x 12" pad plus ties. Fits up to a 60" waist.
SKU:  24312

Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Aching Muscles, Arthritis, Tension & Stress

For Moist Heat: Place product on a microwave safe plate in the microwave. Heat for 1-1/2 minutes. Do not exceed 2-1/2 minutes. To reheat a previously heated product reduce the heating time by half.

For Soothing Cold: Place in the freezer for 2 hours.

CARE: Thermalon products are hand washable. They may be immersed in water without damaging the product. Simply wash in cold water and a mild detergent as you would a sweater or other hand washable item. Air dry.

_________________________ THERMALON
Thermalon products are some of the safest and most effective on the market today. The patent-pending beads inside Thermalon are designed to absorb water molecules from the air to deliver deep-penetrating moist heat when microwaved. They will not support bacteria or fungi like grain or herbal products and are safer and easier to use then gel products.

Thermalon products are designed to be activated in the microwave. Do NOT heat using any other method. Follow specific heating instructions given for each item.

After microwaving, you may place the wrap directly on the affected area. To receive the most ideal therapeutic treatment, leave the product on for no longer than 30 minutes. You may reapply after 2 hours.

Thermalon products are washable and reusable. With proper care they will provide years of relief.
Quite a versatile product! Online Customer
I gave this to my mom and bought another for my grandma & grand-dad. They love it! It’s extremely helpful. Mom told me it’s quite helpful thus even I got one for myself!!
My mom and grandparents use it for knee pains, back pains etc. This is a great thing to have for those who have menstrual stomach pains. This little bag does wonders. I keep it on my belly for 5-10 minutes and I get great relief with it. It’s a versatile product. I recommend.

My doctor recommended moist heat for my wife's neck and back pain.
We have been so pleased with our THERMALON product! The moisture is soothing and we don't have to worry about using a dangerous electric moist heating pad any more. We are telling all of our friends to try them!

Thermalon Shopper, Internet
I like this heat wrap (THERMALON BACK WRAP #24312) because you simply tie it on and go about your business. I've had mine for about 6 months now and just 2-3 minutes in the microwave and the heat lasts a very long time and it is not dry heat but a therapeutic moist heat just as advertised. I usually use it in the morning when having coffee and the ties are generously long so I can move about as well.

Thermalon Shopper, Chicago, IL
I have quite a few of the Thermalon heat wraps and am very satisfied with them -- good moist heat. I use the one for the back and the one for the neck several times a week. They've improved the waist ties for the back one so they are sturdier. I've given a back wrap to my sister, my father and a girlfriend and they all like it too.

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