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Cold Therapy

Thermalon First Aid Wrap

Price : $13.99

Thermalon First Aid Wrap
Shoulder, Knee, Wrist

THERMALON First Aid Non-gel FIRST AID WRAP delivers therapeutic pain relief treatments within the prescribed time & temperature range needed for true analgesia. The soft pad conforms whether cold or hot. Unlike gel packs & other cold products, THERMALON Cold/Heat non-gel products maintain consistent cold or heat distribution. 

Simply Freeze or Microwave & Apply
Non-Toxic, Latex Free
Timed Released Cold & Heat (Prescribed time & temperature)
Safe to Microwave (Will not swell or explode)
Gel Free Construction (Will not sag, bunch or split)
No Separate Covers (Apply Directly to Skin)
Low Profile for Excellent Conformance (Pad Remains Pliable hot or cold)
Washable & Reusable
Easy to Apply

SIZE: 7" x 11" with strap

The Thermalon First Aid Wrap is a convenient, economical & ecological alternative to gel pad technology. The wrap is portable, easy to prepare & apply. Perfect for sports injuries or first aid. Easy to apply wrap features adjustable strap & buckle & is perfect for use on multiple body parts.

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