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Cold Therapy

Thermalon Cold/Heat First Aid Wrap - Large

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Thermalon Cold/Heat First Aid Wrap - Large
Back, Hip, Shoulder

THERMALON Cold-Heat Wraps provide time-released heat or cold therapy quickly and easily. Unique non-gel pads conform to the body and provide effective pain relief at the time and temperature recommended by medical professionals.

Convenient design allows cushioned or material side to be applied directly to skin without a cover. Advanced gel-free technology maintains consistent cold or heat distribution.

Freeze for cold therapy. Microwave for heat therapy.

SIZE: 9" x 16" pad with elastic wrap.
SKU: 21365

PERFECT FOR: Sore Muscles, Joint Pain & Swelling.

For Dry Heat Therapy: Microwave Ovens can vary. Place in a clean microwave oven. Begin by heating 20 Seconds. Touch test heat level. To increase heat, microwave in additional 10 second increments. Adjust time for your microwave. DO NOT EXCEED 1 MINUTE in total.

For Cold Therapy: Place in freezer for 2 hours. Apply to affected area.

The WRAP is simply to apply simply attach the wrap using elastic straps.

CARE: Washing: Wait 2 hours after use. HAND WASH ONLY in COLD water. Air dry for at least 24 hours before use. Wash if exposed to creams, oils, grease, or food.
★★★★★ This wrap is awesome! I had hip surgery and still want to ...
Online Customer
This wrap is awesome! I had hip surgery and still want to ice especially after PT. This is large enough to fit on my hip/thigh and wrap around to secure in place. The band is stretchy and the velcro fasteners are strong. It folds up nicely into a gallon size zip lock and I keep it stored in the freezer that way.

★★★★★ Great for back and shoulders
Online Customer
Larger than expected but is great for several areas. I like that the Velcro can be used on either side and can be covered up to avoid scratching your skin.

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